Chemistry of Pyrotechnics II – Intermediate Course

Course Description:

The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics II – Intermediate Course is a four-day course designed to provide working professionals who desire to continue their education the opportunity to examine fundamental concepts applied to the manufacturing of explosive substances and articles (ESA).  A background in chemistry is helpful but not mandatory as the course is designed for persons engaged in development, manufacture, management, distribution, regulation, analysis, disposal, and use of ESA.  Pyrotechnic, explosive and propellant substances and articles will be discussed and demonstrated in the Advanced Explosives Processing Research Group (AXPRO) indoor and outdoor laboratory facilities.  Hands on opportunities will be provided for students with interest.


Course Content:

The course will use the second edition of “Chemistry of Pyrotechnics – Basic principles and theory”, by Dr. John A. Conkling and Mr. Christopher Mocella, and, the third edition of “The Chemistry of Explosives”, by Dr. Jacqueline Akhavan.  Dr. Vilem Petr, Technical Director of the Colorado School of Mines Advanced Explosives Processing Research Group will coordinate the course and demonstrations with support from Dr. Jackson Shaver and other faculty members and guest lecturers

NOTE:  Lodging is not included in the course fee.  TCI will coordinate lodging for course attendees.  The last day of the course will end at 12:30pm local time.


Highlights from the course include:

  • Advanced discussion of pyrotechnic, explosive and propellant principles and practices
  • Process safety and quality assurance concepts for energetic materials
  • Research and tools to predict and measure energetic effects
  • Management of explosive substances and articles
April 28, 2020 to May 1, 2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Class times Tues - Thurs
9:00 am - 12:30 pm - Last day of the course ends at 1230pm local
Registration Fee$2,400.00
Location Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona