Advanced Explosives Site Plan Training

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Due to COVID-19-imposed travel restrictions, this course is postponed until further notice.

This course uses lecture, discussion, and workshops to provide an in-depth knowledge of explosives site plans (ESPs). Students will be immersed in explosives safety quantity distance (ESQD) tables, criteria, and calculations used in DOD 4145.26M to perform in-depth evaluations of ESP scenarios based on real world examples and prepare required site plan documentation. The course will review mitigation strategies used to reduce risk and address regulatory compliance issues. Students will also learn how to apply maximum credible event (MCE) analysis results and integrate various analyses into ESP documentation to promote understanding for a smooth approval process.

Download a PDF copy of the course flyer:  2020 Advanced Explosives Site Plan Training Flyer

Course Content:  

Day 1

  • Review key explosives safety principles applicable to ESPs
    • Note: Course prerequisite is a fundamental understanding of DOD ESPs
  • ESQD Application Workshops
    • Explosion Effects and Expected Consequences o HD 1.4 Storage and Operating Facilities
    • HD 1.3 Basic Storage Facility
    • HD 1.3 Operating Facility

Day 2

  • ESQD Application Workshops
    • HD 1.1 Storage Facility
      • Components of ESP narrative
      • Focus on PES-ES relationships
    • HD 1.1 Operating Facility
      • Handling fragmentation (Primary vs. Secondary)
      • Benefits and constraints of debris modeling
      • Applicability of HFD and IBD to administrative facilities
  • Developing the ESP components
    • Required components
    • Level of detail
    • QD worksheet workshop
    • Narrative workshop

Day 3

  • Review HD 1.1 Operating Facility Workshop
    • Complete elements of workshop (if required)
    • Review objectives and lessons learned
  • Facility Siting and Design in the Real World
  • Regulatory agency review and approval process
  • Advanced ESQD Application Workshops
    • HD 1.1 Storage Facility
      • Benefits of earth covered magazines (ECMs)
      • ECM ratings and orientation
    • HD 1.2 AE Facilities
      • Distance determination and nomenclature
      • Advantages of magazine design and substantial dividing walls (SDWs)
    • HD 1.1 and HD 1.3 Operating Facility
      • Applicability of DOD explosives service manuals to ESP
        • Licensed explosive storage locations
        • Unique DOD service requirements
      • Impact of commercial storage and operations to ESP

Day 4

  • Advanced ESQD Application Workshops
    • HD 1.1 Operating Facility
      • Primary explosive handling and storage requirements
      • Unique challenges of urban sites
      • Data to drive decision making
      • Innovative solutions
    • ESP tips and traps
    • ESQD Mitigation Strategies
    • Open Discussion
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Registration Fee$2,100.00
Location Hampton Inn & Suites
3923 West Center Park Drive
West Jordan, Utah 84084