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Virtual AMMO-65 Training 

This 2-day course is the light version of Ammunition and Explosives Safety for Defense Contractors.  In this course, we provide an awareness/working knowledge of Quantity Distance (QD) and production safety in lieu of accomplishing a deep dive.


This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the technical safety standards, procedures, and safety practices required for all aspects of handling ammunition and explosives. By utilizing the DoD Contractors’ Safety Manual for Ammunition and Explosives (DoD Manual 4145.26) as our baseline for the training and multiple instructors (industry specialists, government experts, and technical inspectors), we are able to cover a vast array of topics in detail. The course specifically addresses contractor operations and contractual safety requirements, and it includes specific, practical information that can help safety managers understand, interpret, and uniformly apply the contract safety requirements of the DoDM 4145.26.

AMMO-65 courses are typically accomplished at the client's facility as each course is tailored to fit specific organizational needs.  This course is also available virtually, please contact us at for more information or to setup an AMMO-65 course at your facility.

Course Content:

  • Mishap Investigation and Reporting

  • Safe Practice Standards

  • Principles and Application of QD, Standard Explosives Facilities, and Siting Requirements

  • Storage Compatibility System

  • Hazard Classification and QD Criteria

  • Liquid Propellants Standards

  • Manufacturing and Processing Pyrotechnics

  • Storage of Explosives and Ammunition

  • Fire Protection

  • Specific Chemicals

  • Safety Standards for Explosive Materials, Facilities, and Operations Testing Standards

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