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Explosive BootCamp

Introduction to Energetics and Explosives Safety

We've been training the PEP industry for over 20 years.  Over the last five years, and particularly in the most recent three years, we’ve observed an increasing number of people in our industry that are completely new to ammunition and explosives (AE).  While they are eager to learn, they simply lack experience and/or operational proficiency with these items.  TCI is developing the Explosives Boot Camp course to bridge this gap of experience and desire to know more about energetics. Additionally, it is our goal to help the newer members of the AE and associated communities gain confidence in working with AE whether their role is safety technician, hazmat supervisor, or a manager entering the industry.  

Attendees will be challenged through two interactive classroom days and a day spent on the range observing live demonstrations of the energetic materials most commonly used in our industry. Our vision for this course:

Day 1 - What is an explosive?

  • UN/DOT and ATF hazards classification 

  • Hazards of explosives

  • History of explosives

  • History of explosive safety

  • Contractors explosives safety in the modern era

  • Explosive Effects

    • Hazard Division (HD) 1.1, HD 1.2, HD 1.3, HD 1.4

  • Safe practices to mitigate hazards​

    • Understand material​

    • Risk Assessment / Hazard Analysis

    • Quantity Distance

    • Administrative / Engineering Controls

    • Personnel protective equipment

Day 2 - Range Day

  • Equipment used/demonstrated explosive use

    • Crimpers​

    • Continuity test instrument

    • Electric blasting machine / Firing machine

    • None mechanical firing device

    • Firing wire

  • Identification, use, and safety precautions of explosives​

    • C-4 plastic explosives​

    • Time fuse

    • Detonation cord (Det cord)

    • Non-electric ignitor

    • Non-electric blasting cap

    • Electric match

    • Bulk powders


Day 3 - Regulatory Focus

  • Regulations for explosives safety

    • DoD Manual 4145.26

    • DESR 6055.09

    • 27 CFR Part 555

    • 29 CFR 1910.109

  • Why Explosives Safety

    • Real world examples / Case Studies​

    • Incidents:  Causes / Prevention strategies

  • Jul 2024 - Explosive BootCamp
    Jul 2024 - Explosive BootCamp
    Tue, Jul 23
    Jul 23, 2024, 8:00 AM MDT – Jul 25, 2024, 2:00 PM MDT
    EMRTC, South Dr, Socorro, NM 87801, USA
    Course Attendance: $1,750 This 3-day course was developed to bridge the experience gap as the AE industry onboards personnel less experienced in handling energetics. Our goal is to help members of the AE and associated communities gain confidence in working with AE regardless of their role.
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