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Consulting Services

TCI's staff of multi-industry experienced personnel and our trusted partner, Safety Management Services, Inc., are here to assist your organization through the complexities of DoD Manual 4145.26 compliance and assessments.  Whether your organization is establishing a new product line or needing to respond to a regulator's corrective action requests (CAR), let TCI guide your organization through a structured, efficient process to your desired end state.

Let us know your concerns HERE and a TCI team member will be in touch with a plan to assist your organization.


  • Comprehensive Explosives Safety Program

  • Quantity Distance Analysis

  • Explosives Facility Site Plan

  • Site Assessments

  • Process Hazards Analysis

  • CAR analysis and response development

  • Material Compatibility 

  • Blast Mitigation

  • Subcontractor DoD Manual 4145.26 compliance

  • Other DoD Manual 4145.26 concerns

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