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Management of Commercial Explosives (27 CFR Part 555)

ATF Regulations & Vendor Compliance Course

Reading the Code of Federal Regulations is difficult and cumbersome to find areas your organization must focus to ensure compliance.  Let our instructors with 20+ years of assisting large commercial producers of energetic material remain compliant walk your organization through the 27 CFR Part 555.  

This 4-day course uses lecture, discussion, and workshop exercises to provide in-depth knowledge of 27 CFR Part 555 requirements for commercial explosives.  Training covers all aspects of Part 555 to include:

  • Interstate and foreign commerce in explosives

  • Manufacturer, importer, and dealer explosive licensing

  • User permits

  • Conduct of business operations

  • Storage of commercial explosives 

    • Acceptable magazines, location of magazines, quantity and storage restrictions, separation distances, etc.

  • Recordkeeping and reporting

  • Exemptions, unlawful acts, penalties, seizures, and forfeitures

  • Marking of plastic explosives


Upon course conclusion, participants will have a more comprehensive understanding of Part 555 requirements.  In addition to being more comfortable with the regulation, the course provides attendees “take aways” such as example cover letters, checklists, application completion practice, flow diagrams, etc.

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