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Maximize Lethality Minimize Risk

This ethos is foundational to TCI's mission.  TCI has a long legacy of military service and at our core have experienced the awesome kinetic power brought by the ammunition & explosives (AE) industry in concert with the regulatory agencies. TCI is staffed with experienced personnel from all three sides of the Maximize Lethality Triad: Military (demand); Industry (supply); and Regulatory (safety).  Our Team exists to support the AE community in advancing lethality while minimizing risk to the workforce, plant, and community.

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For over two decades, TCI has designed, developed, and delivered training programs that make your organization safer, more effective, and more efficient at executing your mission.  Having a legacy deeply rooted in the business of defending this great nation, TCI thanks you, the AE community.  Daily you accept enormous risk to produce the munitions necessary to ensure our warfighters are capable and lethal.  We stand ready to assist you in reducing that risk through industry-leading training courses, risk assessments, hazards analysis, and compliance support. Our team of professionals have over 200 years of military, industry, government regulatory, and academia experience to guide your team of professionals through the risk reduction process.

Stephen K. Blake, Lt Col, USAF (ret)

Managing Member

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AE Compliance Support

Whether your production facility is legacy or state-of-the-art, TCI stands ready to assist your organization through DoD, BATFE, DCSA, and OSHA compliance concerns.  Let our team design a clear and concise path to compliance for your management & safety team.


  • New to AE?  Considerations for Getting Started

    • Feasibility Assessments​

    • Compliance Considerations

    • Site & Facility Evaluation

    • Quantity Distance Analysis 

  • Risk Assessments and Risk Mitigations

  • Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)​

  • Comprehensive Explosives Safety Programs

    • ​Subcontractor flow-down compliance

    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

    • Explosives Awareness Training Modules

  • Explosives Safety Site Plans​

    • Blast Effects Modeling​

  • Corrective Action Request​

    • Correction and Response Development

  • Lightning Protection Systems Design, Installation, Inspections, & Sustainment support



Over the years, we have developed several training courses centered on making your professional workforce and processes safer.  We offer these courses annually or, if you prefer, TCI can customize and deliver to your workforce at your facility.

  • AMMO-65 (self-paced, virtual course)

  • Advanced Explosives Site Plan Training

  • Ammunition and Explosives Safety for Defense Contractors

  • Chemistry of Pyrotechnics

  • DOT Explosives Shipping Classification

  • Electrical Safety for High-Risk Facilities (Lightning Protection Systems)

  • Explosives Boot Camp

  • Fundamentals of Explosives

  • Management of Commercial Explosives

  • Process Safety Management & Process Hazards Analysis

To schedule a customized training program at your location, send a request by clicking this link.

TCI Clients

TCI Clients


Course materials were very well organized and the flow of training was flawless.  Best training I've attended in a very long time!

I learned things that will change the way our company operates in the future.

5 out of 5

Instructors extremely knowledgable.  Able to make complex material easier to understand and retain!

Tied other courses together

Diversity of audience (Gvt Regulators, Gvt Contractors, and Academia) yielded a rich learning environment.  Best course I've attended!

Rich Learning Environment

Training Feedback

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